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Eriogonum flavum var. aquilinum RevealPolygonaceae1
Koenigia islandica L.Polygonaceae42
Oxyria digyna (L.) HillPolygonaceae120
Polygonum achoreum BlakePolygonaceae7
Polygonum alaskanum (Small) WightPolygonaceae64
Polygonum amphibium subsp. laevimarginatum Hult.Polygonaceae28
Polygonum aviculare L.Polygonaceae28
Polygonum bistorta subsp. plumosum (Small) Hult.Polygonaceae118
Polygonum caurianum Robins.Polygonaceae32
Polygonum convelvulus L.Polygonaceae16
Polygonum fowleri Robins.Polygonaceae7
Polygonum hydropiper L.Polygonaceae1
Polygonum hydropiperoides Michx.Polygonaceae2
Polygonum lapathifolium L.Polygonaceae3
Polygonum pennsylvanicum subsp. oneillii (Brenckle) Hult.Polygonaceae11
Polygonum persicaria L.Polygonaceae13
Polygonum prolificum (Small) Robins.Polygonaceae2
Polygonum tripterocirpum GrayPolygonaceae12
Polygonum viviparum L.Polygonaceae160
Rumex acetosa L.Polygonaceae2
Rumex acetosa subsp. alpestris (Scop.) LovePolygonaceae27
Rumex acetosella L.Polygonaceae20
Rumex acetosella subsp. angiocarpus (Murb.) Murb.Polygonaceae9
Rumex arcticus Trautv.Polygonaceae94
Rumex crispus L.Polygonaceae8
Rumex fenestratus GreenePolygonaceae28
Rumex graminifolius Lamb.Polygonaceae18
Rumex longifolius DC.Polygonaceae8
Rumex maritimus L.Polygonaceae4
Rumex maritimus subsp. fueginus (Phill.) Hult.Polygonaceae3
Rumex mexicanus Meisn.Polygonaceae0
Rumex obtusifolius L.Polygonaceae10
Rumex sibiricus Hult.Polygonaceae14
Rumex transitorius Rech. f.Polygonaceae14
Rumex utahensis Rech.Polygonaceae2
Hultén's Flora About

This is a digital representation of Eric Hultén’s ‘Flora of Alaska and Neighboring Territories: A Manual of the Vascular Plants’, which was published by Stanford University Press in 1968. The book was digitized by C. Webb (at UAMN) as part of the Flora of Alaska project, with funding by the US NSF (Grant 1759964 to Ickert-Bond & Webb), and with permission of Stanford University Press. Data and images © 1968 Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Jr. Univ. Usage licence: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. NB: You may find OCR errors; please refer to the hard-copy if in doubt.