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Aconitum delphinifolium DC.Ranunculaceae115
Aconitum delphinifolium subsp. chamissonianum (Rchb.) Hult.Ranunculaceae38
Aconitum delphinifolium subsp. paradexum (Rchb.) Hult.Ranunculaceae44
Aconitum maximum Pall.Ranunculaceae15
Actaea rubra (Ait.) Willd.Ranunculaceae34
Actaea rubra subsp. arguta (Nutt.) Hult.Ranunculaceae25
Anemone deltoidea Hook.Ranunculaceae1
Anemone drummondii S. Wats.Ranunculaceae49
Anemone multifida Poir.Ranunculaceae43
Anemone narcissiflora subsp. alaskana Hult.Ranunculaceae27
Anemone narcissiflora subsp. interior Hult.Ranunculaceae41
Anemone narcissiflora subsp. sibirica (L.) Hult.Ranunculaceae26
Anemone narcissiflora subsp. villosissima (DC.) Hult.Ranunculaceae33
Anemone parviflora Michx.Ranunculaceae119
Anemone richardsonii Hook.Ranunculaceae141
Aquilegia brevistyla Hook.Ranunculaceae33
Aquilegia formosa Fisch.Ranunculaceae26
Caltha biflora DC.Ranunculaceae4
Caltha leptosepala DC.Ranunculaceae23
Caltha natans Pall.Ranunculaceae29
Caltha palustris subsp. arctica (R. Br.) Hult.Ranunculaceae84
Caltha palustris subsp. asarifolia (DC.) Hult.Ranunculaceae38
Coptis aspleniifolia Salisb.Ranunculaceae10
Coptis trifolia (L.) Salisb.Ranunculaceae30
Delphinium brachycentrum Ledeb.Ranunculaceae38
Delphinium glaucum S. Wats.Ranunculaceae71
Oxygraphis glacialis (Fisch.) BungeRanunculaceae11
Pulsatilla patens subsp. multifida (Pritz.) ZamelsRanunculaceae49
Ranunculus abortivus L.Ranunculaceae9
Ranunculus acris L.Ranunculaceae8
Ranunculus bongardi GreeneRanunculaceae26
Ranunculus confervoides (E. Fries) E. FriesRanunculaceae24
Ranunculus cooleyae Vasey & RoseRanunculaceae15
Ranunculus cymbalaria PurshRanunculaceae35
Ranunculus eschscholtzii Schlecht.Ranunculaceae52
Ranunculus gelidus subsp. grayi (Britt.) Hult.Ranunculaceae15
Ranunculus glacialis subsp. chamissonis (Schlecht.) Hult.Ranunculaceae14
Ranunculus gmelini DC.Ranunculaceae78
Ranunculus gmelini subsp. purshii (Richards.) Hult.Ranunculaceae15
Ranunculus grandis var. austrokurilensis (Tatew.) HaraRanunculaceae7
Ranunculus hyperboreus Rottb.Ranunculaceae82
Ranunculus hyperboreus subsp. arnelli Scheutz.Ranunculaceae4
Ranunculus lapponicus L.Ranunculaceae81
Ranunculus macounii Britt.Ranunculaceae23
Ranunculus nivalis L.Ranunculaceae84
Ranunculus occidentalis subsp. insularis Hult.Ranunculaceae9
Ranunculus occidentalis subsp. nelsoni (DC.) Hult.Ranunculaceae11
Ranunculus occidentalis var. brevistylis GreeneRanunculaceae20
Ranunculus orthorhynchus subsp. alaschensis (Benson) Hult.Ranunculaceae7
Ranunculus pacificus (Hult.) BensonRanunculaceae8
Ranunculus pallasii Schlecht.Ranunculaceae40
Ranunculus pedatifidus subsp. affinis (R. Br.) Hult.Ranunculaceae41
Ranunculus pennsylvanicus L. f.Ranunculaceae8
Ranunculus pygmaeus Wahlenb.Ranunculaceae71
Ranunculus pygmaeus subsp. sabinei (R. Br.) Hult.Ranunculaceae7
Ranunculus repens L.Ranunculaceae27
Ranunculus reptans L.Ranunculaceae54
Ranunculus sceleratus subsp. multifidus (Nutt.) Hult.Ranunculaceae29
Ranunculus sulphiireus var. intercedens Hult.Ranunculaceae4
Ranunculus sulphureus Soland.Ranunculaceae31
Ranunculus tarneri GreeneRanunculaceae7
Ranunculus trichophyllus Chaix.Ranunculaceae42
Ranunculus trichophyllus var. hispidulus (E. R. Drew) W. B. DrewRanunculaceae6
Thalictrum alpinum L.Ranunculaceae68
Thalictrum minus subsp. kemense (E. Fries) Hult.Ranunculaceae4
Thalictrum occidentale GrayRanunculaceae3
Thalictrum sparsiflorum Turcz.Ranunculaceae62
Trollius riederianus Fisch. & Mey.Ranunculaceae1
Hultén's Flora About

This is a digital representation of Eric Hultén’s ‘Flora of Alaska and Neighboring Territories: A Manual of the Vascular Plants’, which was published by Stanford University Press in 1968. The book was digitized by C. Webb (at UAMN) as part of the Flora of Alaska project, with funding by the US NSF (Grant 1759964 to Ickert-Bond & Webb), and with permission of Stanford University Press. Data and images © 1968 Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Jr. Univ. Usage licence: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. NB: You may find OCR errors; please refer to the hard-copy if in doubt.