Equisetum fluviatile L.
FamilyEquisetaceae — APG family: Equisetaceae
SynonymsEquisetum heleocharis Ehrh., Equisetum limosum L., Equisetum fluviatile var. limosum (L.) Gilib.
DescriptionRhizone glabrous; stem simple or branched, with wide central cavity; stem finely striate, smooth to the touch, striae more conspicuous in dried specimens; branches single or in irregular whorls at internodes (var. verticillatum Déll); sheaths green, with dark-brown teeth; cones obtuse, long-stalked.
EcologyShallow water and marshy places in low altitudes. Described from Europe.
Hybrids with E. arvense (E. litorale Kiihlewein) occur.
Hultén's Flora About

This is a digital representation of Eric Hultén’s ‘Flora of Alaska and Neighboring Territories: A Manual of the Vascular Plants’, which was published by Stanford University Press in 1968. The book was digitized by C. Webb (at UAMN) as part of the Flora of Alaska project, with funding by the US NSF (Grant 1759964 to Ickert-Bond & Webb), and with permission of Stanford University Press. Data and images © 1968 Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Jr. Univ. Usage licence: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. NB: You may find OCR errors; please refer to the hard-copy if in doubt.