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Achillea borealis Bong.Compositae137
Achillea lanulosa Nutt.Compositae10
Achillea millefolium L.Compositae1
Achillea ptarmica L.Compositae2
Achillea sibirica Ledeb.Compositae31
Agoseris aurantiaca (Hook.) GreeneCompositae11
Agoseris glatica (Pursh) Raf.Compositae6
Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. & Hook. f.Compositae29
Antennaria alborosea A. E. & M. P. Pors.Compositae16
Antennaria atriceps Fern.Compositae1
Antennaria carpatica var. laestadiana Trautv.Compositae0
Antennaria dioica (L.) Gaertn.Compositae7
Antennaria friesiana (Trautv.) EkmanCompositae38
Antennaria friesiana subsp. alaskana (Malte) Hult.Compositae46
Antennaria friesiana subsp. compecta (Malte) Hult.Compositae17
Antennaria isolepis GreeneCompositae36
Antennaria leuchippii M. P. Pors.Compositae4
Antennaria media GreeneCompositae1
Antennaria monocephala DC.Compositae66
Antennaria monocephala subsp. angustata (Greene) Hult.Compositae10
Antennaria monocephala subsp. philonipha (Pors.) Hult.Compositae25
Antennaria monocephala var. exilis (Greene) Hult.Compositae8
Antennaria neglecta subsp. howellii (Greene) Hult.Compositae3
Antennaria pallida E. Nels.Compositae21
Antennaria pulcherrima (Hook.) GreeneCompositae23
Antennaria rosea GreeneCompositae40
Antennaria stolonifera Pors.Compositae7
Anthemis cetula L.Compositae5
Anthemis tinctoria L.Compositae1
Apargidium boreale (Bong.) Torr. & GrayCompositae8
Arnica alpina subsp. angustifolia (M. Vahl) MaguireCompositae38
Arnica alpina subsp. attenuata (Greene) MaguireCompositae48
Arnica alpina subsp. tomentosa (James Macoun) MaguireCompositae5
Arnica amplexicailis subsp. prima MaguireCompositae11
Arnica amplexicatilis Nutt.Compositae10
Arnica chamissonis Less.Compositae29
Arnica chamissonis subsp. foliolosa (Nutt.) MaguireCompositae7
Arnica cordifolia Hook.Compositae17
Arnica diversifolia GreeneCompositae1
Arnica frigida C. A. Mey.Compositae107
Arnica latifolia Bong.Compositae35
Arnica lessingii GreeneCompositae107
Arnica lessingii subsp Norbergii Hult. & MaguireCompositae3
Arnica lonchophylla GreeneCompositae12
Arnica mellis Hook.Compositae2
Arnica parryi GrayCompositae2
Arnica unalaschcensis Less.Compositae14
Artemisia alaskana Rydb.Compositae38
Artemisia aleutica Hult.Compositae2
Artemisia arctica Less.Compositae127
Artemisia arctica subsp. beringensis (Hult.) Hult.Compositae9
Artemisia arctica subsp. comata (Rydb.) Hult.Compositae22
Artemisia biennis Willd.Compositae2
Artemisia borealis Pall.Compositae42
Artemisia cana PurshCompositae1
Artemisia canadensis Michx.Compositae11
Artemisia dractinculus L.Compositae5
Artemisia frigida Willd.Compositae39
Artemisia furcata Bieb.Compositae20
Artemisia globularia Bess.Compositae32
Artemisia glomerata Ledeb.Compositae34
Artemisia laciniata Willd.Compositae3
Artemisia laciniatiformis Kom.Compositae2
Artemisia lagocephala (Bess.) DC.Compositae0
Artemisia ludoviciana var. gnaphalodes (Nutt.) Torr. & GrayCompositae1
Artemisia michauxiana Bess.Compositae1
Artemisia rupestris subsp. woedii NeilsonCompositae1
Artemisia senjavinensis Bess.Compositae8
Artemisia stelleriana Bess.Compositae1
Artemisia tilesii Ledeb.Compositae78
Artemisia tilesii subsp. elatior (Torr. & Gray) Hult.Compositae76
Artemisia tilesii subsp. germani (Rydb.) Hult.Compositae12
Artemisia tilesii subsp. unalaschcensis (Bess.) Hult.Compositae12
Artemisia unalaskensis Rydb.Compositae5
Artemisia unalaskensis var. aleutica Hult.Compositae5
Aster alpinus subsp. vierhipperi OnnoCompositae9
Aster brachyactis BlakeCompositae1
Aster commutitus (Torr. & Gray) GrayCompositae5
Aster juncifermis Rydb.Compositae14
Aster ladvis L.Compositae1
Aster modestus Lindl.Compositae5
Aster sibiricus L.Compositae135
Aster subspicatus NeesCompositae24
Aster yukonensis Crong.Compositae3
Bellis perennis L.Compositae1
Bidens cernua L.Compositae5
Bidens frondosa L.Compositae1
Cacalia auriculata subsp. kamtschatica (Maxim.) Hult.Compositae4
Chrysanthemum arcticum L.Compositae51
Chrysanthemum arcticum subsp. polare Hult.Compositae28
Chrysanthemum bipinnatum L.Compositae17
Chrysanthemum bipinnatum subsp. huronense (Nutt.) Hult.Compositae15
Chrysanthemum integrifolium Richards.Compositae41
Chrysanthemum leucinthemum L.Compositae6
Chrysanthemum segetum L.Compositae1
Chrysanthemum vulgare (L.) Bernh.Compositae2
Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop.Compositae3
Cirsium edule Nutt.Compositae0
Cirsium foliosum (Hook.) DC.Compositae4
Cirsium kamtschaticum Ledeb.Compositae3
Cirsium vulgare (Savi) Ten.Compositae1
Cotula coronopifolia L.Compositae2
Crepis capillaris (L.) Wallr.Compositae1
Crepis chrysantha (Ledeb.) Turcz.Compositae0
Crepis elegans Hook.Compositae44
Crepis nana Richards.Compositae59
Crepis nana var. lyratifolia (Turcz.) Hult.Compositae5
Crepis tectorum L.Compositae2
Erigeron acris subsp. kamtschaticus (DC.) HaraCompositae6
Erigeron acris subsp. pelitus (E. Fries) Schinz & KellerCompositae51
Erigeron acris var. debilis GrayCompositae7
Erigeron caespitosus Nutt.Compositae18
Erigeron compositus PurshCompositae43
Erigeron elatus GreeneCompositae54
Erigeron eriocephalus J. VahlCompositae31
Erigeron glabellus subsp. pubescens (Hook.) Crong.Compositae28
Erigeron grandiflorus Hook.Compositae16
Erigeron grandiflorus subsp. muirii (Gray) Hult.Compositae8
Erigeron humilis GrahamCompositae67
Erigeron hyperboreus GreeneCompositae18
Erigeron hyssopifolius Michx.Compositae4
Erigeron lonchophyllus Hook.Compositae36
Erigeron peregrinus (Pursh) GreeneCompositae78
Erigeron peregrinus subsp. callidinthemus (Greene) Cronq.Compositae13
Erigeron philadelphicus L.Compositae2
Erigeron pumilus Nutt.Compositae1
Erigeron purpuratus GreeneCompositae35
Gnaphalium uliginosum L.Compositae6
Haplopappus macleanii BrandegeeCompositae8
Helianthus annuus L.Compositae2
Helianthus laetiflorus var. subrhomboideus (Rydb.) Fern.Compositae1
Hieracium albiflorum Hook.Compositae7
Hieracium aurantiacum L.Compositae1
Hieracium gracile var. alaskanum ZahnCompositae28
Hieracium scabriusculum Schwein.Compositae3
Hieracium triste Willd.Compositae47
Hypochoeris radicata L.Compositae2
Lactuca biennis (Moench) Fern.Compositae4
Lactuca tatarica (L.) C. A. Mey.Compositae2
Lapsana communis L.Compositae2
Leontodon autumnalis L.Compositae1
Madia glomerata Hook.Compositae4
Matricaria matricarioides (Less.) PorterCompositae69
Petasites frigidus (L.) Franch.Compositae119
Petasites glacialis (Ledeb.) PoluninCompositae0
Petasites gmelini (Turcz.) PoluninCompositae0
Petasites hyperboreus Rydb.Compositae51
Petasites palmatus (Ait.) GrayCompositae8
Petasites sagittatus (Banks) GrayCompositae25
Picris hieracioides subsp. kamtschatica (Ledeb.) Hult.Compositae1
Prenanthes alata (Hook.) Dietr.Compositae40
Saussurea americana DC.Compositae4
Saussurea angustifolia (Willd.) DC.Compositae111
Saussurea nuda Ledeb.Compositae19
Saussurea tilesii Ledeb.Compositae1
Saussurea viscida Hult.Compositae6
Saussurea viscida var. yukonensis (Pors.) Hult.Compositae31
Senecio atropurpureus (Ledeb.) Fedtsch.Compositae12
Senecio atropurpureus subsp. frigidus (Richards.) Hult.Compositae104
Senecio atropurpureus subsp. tomentosus (Kjellm.) Hult.Compositae27
Senecio cannabifolius Less.Compositae1
Senecio congestus (R. Br.) DC.Compositae91
Senecio conterminus Greenm.Compositae37
Senecio cymbalarioides Nutt.Compositae13
Senecio eremophilus Richards.Compositae1
Senecio fuscatus (Jord. & Fourr.) HayekCompositae39
Senecio hyperborealis Greenm.Compositae28
Senecio lugens Richards.Compositae115
Senecio pauciflorus PurshCompositae35
Senecio pauperculus Michx.Compositae26
Senecio psetido-arnica Less.Compositae65
Senecio resedifolius Less.Compositae91
Senecio sheldonensis Pors.Compositae7
Senecio triangularis Hook.Compositae40
Senecio vulgaris L.Compositae14
Senecio yukonensis Pors.Compositae31
Solidago canadensis var. salebrosa (Piper) M. E. JonesCompositae10
Solidago decimbens var. oreephila (Rydb.) Fern.Compositae45
Solidago lepida DC.Compositae25
Solidago multiradiata Ait.Compositae158
Solidago multiradiata var. scopulorum GrayCompositae20
Sonchus arvensis L.Compositae2
Sonchus asper (L.) HillCompositae5
Sonchus oleraceus L.Compositae2
Taraxacum alaskanum Rydb.Compositae45
Taraxacum carneocoloratum Nels.Compositae1
Taraxacum ceratophorum (Ledeb.) DC.Compositae67
Taraxacum hyparcticum DahlstedtCompositae7
Taraxacum kamtschaticum DahlstedtCompositae30
Taraxacum lacerum GreeneCompositae45
Taraxacum lateritium DahlstedtCompositae25
Taraxacum officinile WeberCompositae26
Taraxacum phymatocarpum J. VahlCompositae16
Taraxacum scanicum DahlstedtCompositae2
Taraxacum trigonolobum DahlstedtCompositae21
Townsendia hoodkeri BeamanCompositae1
Trifolium lupinaster L.Leguminosae2
Tripleurospermum inodorum (L.) Schultz-Bip.Compositae1
Tripleurospermum phaeocephalum (Rupr.) Pobed.Compositae28
Hultén's Flora About

This is a digital representation of Eric Hultén’s ‘Flora of Alaska and Neighboring Territories: A Manual of the Vascular Plants’, which was published by Stanford University Press in 1968. The book was digitized by C. Webb (at UAMN) as part of the Flora of Alaska project, with funding by the US NSF (Grant 1759964 to Ickert-Bond & Webb), and with permission of Stanford University Press. Data and images © 1968 Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Jr. Univ. Usage licence: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. NB: You may find OCR errors; please refer to the hard-copy if in doubt.