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Boschniakia ressica (Cham. & Schlecht.) Fedtsch.Orobanchaceae95
Castilleja annua PennellScrophulariaceae2
Castilleja caudata (Pennell) Rebr.Scrophulariaceae75
Castilleja chrymactis PennellScrophulariaceae4
Castilleja elegans MalteScrophulariaceae32
Castilleja henryae PennellScrophulariaceae1
Castilleja hyetophila PennellScrophulariaceae16
Castilleja hyperborea PennellScrophulariaceae28
Castilleja miniata Doug]l.Scrophulariaceae4
Castilleja parviflora Bong.Scrophulariaceae11
Castilleja raupii PennellScrophulariaceae19
Castilleja unalaschcensis (Cham. & Schlecht.) MalteScrophulariaceae45
Castilleja villosissima PennellScrophulariaceae2
Castilleja yukonis PennellScrophulariaceae5
Euphrasia disjuncta Fern. & Wieg.Scrophulariaceae15
Euphrasia mellis (Ledeb.) Wettst.Scrophulariaceae14
Orobanche fasciculata Nutt.Orobanchaceae6
Orthocarpus hispidus Benth.Scrophulariaceae1
Pedicularis amoena AdamsScrophulariaceae5
Pedicularis capitata AdamsScrophulariaceae119
Pedicularis chamissonis Stev.Scrophulariaceae8
Pedicularis flammea L.Scrophulariaceae1
Pedicularis groenlandica Retz.Scrophulariaceae1
Pedicularis kanei DurandScrophulariaceae130
Pedicularis kanei subsp. adamsii (Hult.) Hult.Scrophulariaceae0
Pedicularis labradorica WirsingScrophulariaceae116
Pedicularis langsderffii subsp. arctica (R. Br.) PennellScrophulariaceae86
Pedicularis langsdoerffii Fisch.Scrophulariaceae11
Pedicularis lapponica L.Scrophulariaceae15
Pedicularis macrodenta Richards.Scrophulariaceae8
Pedicularis oederi M. VahlScrophulariaceae58
Pedicularis ornithorhyncha Benth.Scrophulariaceae5
Pedicularis parviflora J. E. Sm.Scrophulariaceae4
Pedicularis parviflora subsp. pennellii (Hult.) Hult.Scrophulariaceae34
Pedicularis sudetica subsp. albolabiata Hult.Scrophulariaceae29
Pedicularis sudetica subsp. interioides Hult.Scrophulariaceae5
Pedicularis sudetica subsp. interior Hult.Scrophulariaceae55
Pedicularis sudetica subsp. pacifica Hult.Scrophulariaceae17
Pedicularis verticillata L.Scrophulariaceae110
Pedicularis villosa Ledeb.Scrophulariaceae1
Pentstemon gormani GreeneScrophulariaceae35
Pentstemon procerus Dougl.Scrophulariaceae16
Pentstemon serrulatus MenziesScrophulariaceae0
Rhinanthus arcticus (Sterneck) PennellScrophulariaceae1
Rhinanthus minor subsp. borealis (Sterneck) LoveScrophulariaceae49
Hultén's Flora About

This is a digital representation of Eric Hultén’s ‘Flora of Alaska and Neighboring Territories: A Manual of the Vascular Plants’, which was published by Stanford University Press in 1968. The book was digitized by C. Webb (at UAMN) as part of the Flora of Alaska project, with funding by the US NSF (Grant 1759964 to Ickert-Bond & Webb), and with permission of Stanford University Press. Data and images © 1968 Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Jr. Univ. Usage licence: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0. NB: You may find OCR errors; please refer to the hard-copy if in doubt.